Covid drives Gen Z to look for purpose – This is what you can do to help them as parents

The pandemic has irretrievably changed the course of humanity, leaving no generation spared of profound existentialism and change. Good thing? Possibly. We have all felt the invisible whip, but our gentle and progressive digital natives seem to carry the deepest cuts these trying times have inflicted. With grace and ingenuity. Being highly adaptable and creative beings, Gen-Z has taken the task of shifting the entire population’s perspective quite seriously. And they’re doing it. Not only did the pandemic drive them to search for a deeper purpose, but they now understand it’s their job to teach the rest of us and save the planet we so proudly call home. They can’t do it alone, though. Our young shepherds need unconditional support to achieve their goals with philanthropy as their go-to fuel. If Covid drives Gen Z to look for purpose, we should jump on that train.

Understanding Gen Z

If our mission is to help our Gen Z children, understanding their inherent values and their point of view should be our primary goal. Putting effort into bridging that generation gap comes next. So, who are THEY?

Vast identity

Today’s individuals differ from yesterday’s. With every new generation comes progression, authenticity, and global evolution. Gen Zers are the epitome of freedom of expression while maintaining and preserving authentic (we can’t say traditional) values. They are consumed with finding the truth and reaching what was unimaginable for baby bloomers – absolute equilibrium. They are tech-savvy Buddha with sharp tongues, madly driven by injustice and inequality. Digital Messiahs? Perhaps. But, as we know, all important roles come with a price.

a young woman in hijab holding a mug

What happened, Gen Z?

The pandemic has woven its way through Gen Z’s most transformative years, leading to negative changes, most importantly, isolation. With virtual learning trying to compensate for the lack of human interaction on a daily basis, education inevitably took a backseat, and surprisingly enough – the children disapproved (older generations would get a kick out of it). Education is a big part of any Gen Z individual’s identity, as it naturally leads to achieving their future career goals. The pandemic brought myriad obstacles, including trauma, but it has also helped Gen Zers take a different approach to college and career choices:

  • Many Gen Zers are reconsidering their study field
  • We have seen a massive shift in preferred occupations, with science and medicine becoming frontrunners
  • Gen Zers are increasingly shifting their career focus towards empathy-driven occupations

Upside: The pandemic

Despite their struggle with feelings of loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness, it somehow seems that this brilliantly resilient generation has made the pandemic its vessel, a metaphysical tool for reaching the top-tier of awareness and mindfulness. Quite a move. Instead of rejecting the idea of hypothetical demise, the Gen Z generation thrives in global panic mode, collecting and analyzing data and working tirelessly towards a solution (the ability to work under pressure? check!). The pandemic has made this already incredible generation fearless. They are not scared of the unknown. If life and pursuit of purpose demands moving, Gen Zers will take the opportunity. Moving experts from support this saying that long-distance relocations among these young individuals are not uncommon. Even when they have to move following their parents, they accept the chance in the circumstance better than previous generations.

girl holding cardboard sign depicts how covid drives Gen Z to look for purpose

Gen Z is shaping the world

The pandemic has driven Gen Z to look for purpose – mission accomplished. By their nature, they are socially conscious, genuinely democratic, and fiercely open to hearing other people’s perspectives. It has only emphasized what was inherently already belonging to Gen Z’s DNA. Diversity sets them apart from the rest of us; gender fluidity, inclusivity, community, individuality, and equality are their trademarks. Still, the pandemic has improved their soft skill game by enforcing the stepping out of the comfort zone rule and possessing a willingness to try new things as a gateway to successful career paths.

It all starts with personal growth

Personal growth is the number one goal for any Gen Zer. They commit to infinite learning instead of relying on the information taught in school. Through their professional persona, they are already changing how companies think about employees, inevitably adapting to a more diverse employee background with a traditional and non-traditional knowledge mix. Their purpose-driven nature is starting to reshape corporate philosophy – they care about transparency, sustainability, and fair employment practices.

And they are not afraid of pursuing careers that give them purpose even if they are far from home. As a parent, your role is to support them on their journey to discovering their purpose. It may be in Pennsylvania; it may be a different country altogether. If you have a Gen Zer child pursuing their dreams, support them by helping them reach any part of the state. Planning a long-distance move from one part of Pennsylvania to another can be nerve-racking for both parties; we recommend hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting. The emotional part is on the parents and the Gen Zer.

How parents can help

No matter how wildly individualistic or intimidatingly wise our kids appear, they yearn for acceptance, support, and understanding.

Be their loyal ally

Freedom is everything to Gen Zers; imposing your “outdated” belief systems and “I’m your parent, I know better” propaganda will only create (or deepen) an unnecessary distance. Practice mindful conversations with your child. Get to know their aspirations, fears, and hopes. Without suppressing “the voice of reason” within, try seeing things from their young perspective and support their world-changing endeavors (no matter how improbable!). If you believe in them, they will too.

a mother and daughters sitting on a bed with a laptop

Encourage real-life interactions

There’s more to life than Instagram and similar apps. Incorporating real-life “challenges,” such as picking up the phone and ordering pizza or having them call the cable company, will help with overcoming Gen Z’s “introvert/loner” label. Instead, we’re hoping to see an extroverted swan. Volunteering should be right up their alley. Encourage walks in nature (without phones), prepare dinner together, or watch Netflix. Family time is precious, don’t let them miss out because of some funny cat video they won’t remember two days from now. Parenting is all about meaningful support but remember: you still have an ace or two up your sleeve (wink wink).

Final thoughts

It’s not just the pandemic; our love and support drive Gen Z to look for purpose. So, let’s show them how it’s done, parents! If you want to learn more about future-proof career paths mentioned in this article and gain valuable insight, visit, the free go-to source for career exploration of the web.

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