For students who want to take the reins of their future, find purpose, find meaning.

Choose your career as a high schooler

Find out what career suits you best. Find your interests and strengths, scan your options, take your pick.

Use a fun and professional career quiz, browse careers in a modern and future-proof career database, which includes day-in-the-life youtubes and blogs, podcasts, pay/prospect data and much more.

Career Planning in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade

Get the most out of your school year.

Make sure to take the right steps during your school year, so you are ready for life after high school.

Use our downloadable checklists. They are taken from the best materials used by school counselors around the USA.

Course Bundle 1 (save $5)

Buy ‘Choose your career as a high schooler‘ and ‘Career Planning in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade‘, and save $5.

Ready to Launch My Career as a High Schooler- the Full Pack

An extensive program, helping you get career-ready while in high school. This course of 7 modules will help you identify your interests and strengths, build self-confidence, develop a growth mindset, develop a career strategy, and set your plan.

It is brought to you by an international team that blends experience in human resource leadership with companies like Apple, Nike and Amazon, higher education teaching in renowned US business schools and universities, and US career guidance counseling.

How To Develop a Growth Mindset & Improve My Prospects

Having a “growth mindset” has never been more important than now. The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace, and there are new challenges we must face every day. Our way of life is changing, norms are changing, and we must keep up and adjust to all of these changes.

This course in three blocks, brought to you by education and human resource expert, Jeff Leinaweaver Ph.D, offers a good introduction on the topic, the impact it can have on our lives, and practical guidance on how to develop a growth mindset.

Finding Your Path In a New World of Work and Education

The world of work and education is being turned upside down. It already started before Covid. Artificial Intelligence and free lance work are just a few unstoppable trends. Nearly two-thirds of primary school children will hold jobs that don’t yet exist.

How to go about this?

This course, brought to you by education and human resource expert, Jeff Leinaweaver Ph.D, offers a good overview, and a pleasant insight into the choices you have planning your career.

Interviewing & Networking With Impact

How do you make that first impression that lasts. How do you connect well with people, when interviewing for an internship, college, a job?

Leaning on our experience of interviewing thousands of candidates for companies like Amazon, Nike and Apple, we’ve put together the key ingredients for your success.

Next to interviewing, networking is a critical activity to get you ready for launch and growth. What is it? How important is it? How do you do it well?

We don’t get into interviewing sills. There are plenty of resources available. We help you get ready to stand out.

Learning from Setbacks

You got a talent. How to put it to work?

We all got unique talents. How do we put them to work? It all starts with knowing our learnings styles. And if we know them we can improve our learning.

And all of us are in search for higher self-esteem and confidence. We naturally don’t like failure, but failure is critical to our learning.

So, let’s take a look at what this is all about, and how we can take them as ways to turn our talent into further growth.

Course Bundle 2 (save $5)

Buy ‘Interviewing & Networking With Impact‘ and ‘Learning from Setbacks‘, and save $5.