Education Career Guide

Careers in Education are first of all about teaching. So we listed quite a few jobs, at varying education levels, and at quite a range of subjects. We added jobs in administration/management and business. You will also find typical majors you could take.

Be aware that this list is to get you started. By clicking these jobs or majors you will find many more careers in adjacent or connected areas.

We added simple checks to see how much you fit with careers in education, and what you can do right now to get ready.

Explore jobs

Please find a selection of jobs in Education. By clicking these jobs you get access to an excellent selection of online career info: Pay & Outlook, Blogs & Interviews, Podcasts & Youtubes, Typical education, School finders & Rankings, and much more.


Child Care Worker

Kindergarten Teacher 

Preschool Teacher


Art Teacher

Drama Teacher

Music Teacher


Biology Teacher

Chemistry Teacher

Computer Science Teacher

Math Teacher

Physics Teacher


English Teacher

Foreign Language Teacher


Adult Education & Literacy Teacher

CTE Teacher

Physical Education Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

Special Education Teacher


Agricultural Sciences Teacher

Archaeology Teacher, Postsecondary

University Professor


College Dean

School Counselor 

School Principal

School Superintendant

Teacher Assistant


Human Resources Advisor

Organizational Development Specialist

Training & Development Specialist 

Explore majors and studies

Teaching education generally starts with a degree in Teaching, followed by specialization in a subject. This may also go the other way. An excellent overview can be found here (by

We also listed some administration and support majors, as well as some specific education majors.

By clicking the majors below you get to an excellent selection of online info to bring them alive: Blogs & Interviews, Podcasts & Youtubes, School finders & Rankings, and much more.


Teacher Education Multiple Levels

Vocational Education Teaching


➡️ Check our Science Career Guide to find an overview of majors in Science, you may take as part of your preparation to become a teacher in a science subject area.

Chemistry Teaching

Physics Teaching

Science Teaching


➡️ Check our Arts Career Guide to find an overview of majors in Arts, you may take as part of your preparation to become a teacher in an arts subject area.

English Language Arts Teaching

Foreign Languages And Literatures


Elementary And Middle School Principalship

Secondary School Principalship

Teacher Assistant Studies


Adult And Continuing Education

Physical Education Teaching And Coaching

Special Education And Teaching

Sports And Exercise

Do I fit?

With reference to our Swipe Quiz, Education people typically have a Social talent or interest. Other characteristics vary by subject area and school level. You would generally see a stronger Practical talent with people in early and high school teaching; and a more Investigative interest or talent for people in post secondary teaching.

Check how well you match the three most common competencies, or take our SWIPE QUIZ to get a more accurate picture. The quiz also gets you a suggestion of career paths matching your interests and talents.

Social. “You find it quite important to help others. You like to work in groups and work with others. You connect with others easily, and naturally find yourself in the community and are known among your peers and others. You also have a social focus, including social justice and civil matters. The suffering of others gets your attention. Helping someone else is something that comes natural. You adapt easily and people find you approachable and likable. You’re a people person, someone with a lot of social and communication skills.

Practical: “You are a hands-on type of individual. The things you deal with must be tangible, practical and visible. What you do should be pragmatic and have practical use. You don’t enjoy being inside, or stuck at a desk all the time. You may like physical work, craftsmanship or to operate technology devices. You enjoy a variety of activities and/or tasks. If you can, you enjoy being on the road, and travelling. You have a bias for action. You also have a particular preference for matters connected with nature and the environment.”

Investigative. “You enjoy going into the deep on things. You are thorough. You ask critical questions and think logically and systematically in finding solutions. In your eyes all problems must primarily be solved in an analytical and reasoned way. You avoid ‘just doing’ something. You like being consulted for your knowledge and analytical skills. You enjoy to study things. Intellectual development or scientific inquiry are issues that could be of great importance to you.

Actions you can take now to get ready

If you consider to pursue a career in education, it’s important to take courses or electives early on. Clearly you should consider taking electives in the subjects you consider teaching in. In additiona it is important to start working on your interpersonal skills in order to become an effective teacher

When your school offers these courses, great; otherwise look for alternatives. FindMino suggests online or classroom courses. Find them by browsing the respective job or major on


Determine in what area you would like ti pursue a teaching career. Then choose specific classes to get you ready: Social science, physical science, math, biological science, information technology, engineering, finance, economics, politics, government, law, languages, medical, health, food, sports, drama, arts, design, trades, music


Public Speaking, Debating, Negotiating, Assertiveness, Leadership Development

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