How to Be Radically Open-Minded

Modern times are all about openness. We take pride in our exceptional ability to progress, evolve, embrace, empathize, and above all, approach everything and everyone without prejudice. To ask the question: “Do you consider yourself to be open-minded?” is considered borderline offensive in today’s world. – Who isn’t? Narrowmindedness has become an archaic form of the human mental framework. Obsolete, disgraceful. Unacceptable. We are open. 24/7. 100%. But are we really? The truth is out there. On second thought, no; it’s right here, in front of us, and it says, “No, you’re not.” It’s just ego talk. What we claim to be and what we are are seldomly indistinguishable things. In reality, our mental agility stretches as far as our comfort zone allows it. And that’s it. Full stop. In order to thrive in today’s world of innovation and progression, we need to be radically open-minded.

Defining radical open-mindedness

To put it bluntly: Radical open-mindedness is an ego-crushing yet, a benevolent concept that can turn our professional (and personal) lives around. Its philosophy is based on a single premise: you don’t know everything. And it’s okay (one of Ray Dalio’s principles). We simply don’t know as much as we think; changing our perspective and creating more “learning room” can only lead to self-improvement. In order to recognize the truth, we have to accept that we are wrong and then rigorously try to find ways to increase the chances that we are right. Makes sense? By adopting the radical open-mindedness approach, we can actually learn to reconcile our goals with our desires. And there are plenty.

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The challenge

Getting there takes time. We all suffer from “selective ears” syndrome. What does it mean? We demonstrate our eager openness through professional communication; our workplace requires cooperation and idea exchange. We listen to our coworkers’ suggestions, and, more often than not, we embrace them wholeheartedly. Why? Oh, it’s not because we’re radically open-minded. No, sir. It’s only because their ideas do not threaten our comfort zone’s paradigm. To be fair, most of the office’s free-floating idea exchange market stays within the boundaries of moderate progression. And our precociously intimidated mental framework approves. – Nothing to get alarmed about. You got this. So, the big challenge hour. It comes when an ingenious idea (no matter how anticipated) abruptly pulls our boundaries outwards. And we feel discomfort. But here’s some good news. Pain and reflection ultimately bring career progress.

Shaking up the status quo

The time of the non-conformists has come; are you one of them? Accepting things as they are without asking “why,” “who,” “where,” and “what” is hardly an interlude to quantum leaps. The world is an inexhaustible source of unique ideas; it’s ours to reap, but only (imperative tone) if we learn to become childishly curious, unwearyingly observant, and unyieldingly focused. To be radically open-minded is to object to the status quo without flinching. Perspective is everything. Dimensions are to be discovered, explored, defined, and nurtured. Sounds good? It’s already here. Tilt your head. Open your eyes. Listen. Grab a ladder. Approach it from an unpremeditated angle. Startle yourself into discovery. It will bear fruit. Ever since the pandemic, young professionals have been fleeing New York City. Why? Let’s just say that radical open-mindedness played its part in wanting to find happiness elsewhere.

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Are you open-minded?

Here’s a paradox. Narrow-minded people have no cognition of their narrowmindedness. It never really occurs to them; in fact, they flaunt their pseudo-open-mindedness with sincere ignorance. So, are you open-minded? Here are a few signs.

  • Do you use “always,” “never,” or “must” frequently? The way we use language speaks volumes about our mental framework.
  • How would your coworkers and friends describe you? Open? or close-minded?
  • How are you with debates? Are you open to receiving critique and others disagreeing with your point of view?
  • Is the question offensive? Is the mere possibility of a close-minded narrative absolutely improbable?

The search for answers

We question others’ opinions, suggestions, and ideas every day. Mostly 9-5. But we do it repeatedly. Relentlessly, even. And we consider it fair; our truths and visions are unwavering, while everything else, beyond our intellect, is riddled with doubt. And again, questions. How about we let others do the same? Pleasant? It should be.

The truth 

Instead of proving ourselves right all the time (and just how tiring is the circus?), let’s probe. Yes, our ego might love the attention and all the people supporting its pedestal, but there’s an overhanging blindspot. What are we to learn from it? We find the ones who favor our ideas to be our friends and those who dare to disagree – our nemesis. If we only dedicated our time to proving our own theories wrong, everything would change for the better. Quantum leaps. According to moving specialists from Clean Cut Moving, impromptu home offices have been closing up shop and returning to standard locations; the faster we adopt open-mindedness, the better.

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Yes to diversity

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people may sound like a good idea, but be careful – it’s a trap. Although potentially harmonious (socially), our workspace should encourage mental framework diversity, even if it brings disagreement and micro conflicts. Creativity thrives on conflicting intellectual minds. It’s where it feels most potent, as it should. A homogenous collective will produce below-standard quality work. Again, in order to evolve, we should let the comfort zone go. Remember, a radically open mind comes with a price, and the price tag says discomfort. Learn to enjoy a good critique, clashing opinions, and the word “NO.” Once you accept the rules, your view of your career will drastically change.

Final thoughts

To be radically open-minded is to accept the only constant known to humankind: change. Being open creates room for growth. In any direction. Any form. Anywhere. Uncertain times require a 360-degree view, and we better deliver. If you want to learn more about how to maximize your mental framework potential, visit, the free go-to source for career exploration of the web.

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