Nature Career Guide

Careers in Nature vary. From animals, environment to nature conservation, to name a few. Get into research, teaching, business, tech, medical? We selected some jobs and majors to get you started. And we added simple checks to see how much you fit with careers in science, and what you can do right now to get ready.

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Please find a selection of jobs in Nature. Find many more by clicking on them. By clicking these jobs you get access to an excellent selection of online career info: Pay & Outlook, Blogs & Interviews, Podcasts & Youtubes, Typical education, School finders & Rankings, and much more.


Animal Trainer


Horse Trainer


Veterinary Assistant


Animal Scientist



Biological Scientist

Environmental Scientist


Marine Biologist


Plant Scientist

Wildlife Biologist



Forest and Conservation Worker



Organic Farmer

Permaculture Designer

Wine Maker


Climate Change Specialist


Land Surveyor

Mapping Technician

Recycling & Waste Mgt Consultant

Urban or Regional Planner 

Explore majors and studies

Please find a selection of majors in Nature. Find many more by clicking them. By clicking these majors you get access to an excellent selection of online info to bring the majors alive: Blogs & Interviews, Podcasts & Youtubes, School finders & Rankings, and much more. We also added relevant courses (online and classroom) to get a taste of an area of interest, or prepare your studies.


Animal Behavior and Ethology

Animal Sciences

Animal Training


Veterinary Medicine







Environmental Science







Environmental Design

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science

Sustainability Studies


Farm Ranching


Do I fit?

With reference to our Swipe Quiz, people interested in careers in nature are typically Investigative and Practical. This mix will vary per role. Some roles typically also require Enterprising characteristics. Check how well you match the three most common competencies, or take our SWIPE QUIZ to get a more accurate picture.

Investigative. “You enjoy going into the deep on things. You are thorough. You ask critical questions and think logically and systematically in finding solutions. In your eyes all problems must primarily be solved in an analytical and reasoned way. You avoid ‘just doing’ something. You like being consulted for your knowledge and analytical skills. You enjoy to study things. Intellectual development or scientific inquiry are issues that could be of great importance to you.

Practical: “You are a hands-on type of individual. The things you deal with must be tangible, practical and visible. What you do should be pragmatic and have practical use. You don’t enjoy being inside, or stuck at a desk all the time. You may like physical work, craftsmanship or to operate technology devices. You enjoy a variety of activities and/or tasks. If you can, you enjoy being on the road, and travelling. You have a bias for action. You also have a particular preference for matters connected with nature and the environment.”

Some roles also require Enterprising characteristics. This for instance applies to roles that require a lot of communication, like Climate Change specialists. Check if the description matches with you. Take our Swipe Quiz to get a personal profile and a potential match of jobs or majors.

Enterprising: “You naturally want to lead. You like to be able to organize the work well of yourself and of others. Often you do this to pursue a particular purpose. It’s important for you to communicate your vision to others and have them follow your lead. You can be rather persuasive. You are able to handle many things at the same time. You’re someone who prefers to take the initiative. You quickly know what you want, and you can easily mobilize others. But you like to take the important decisions. Running your own business is perhaps one of your dreams, probably to realize an idea or just to make money, or a combination of both.”

Actions you can take now to get ready

If you consider to pursue a career in nature, it’s important to take courses or electives early on. Find a selection of relevant courses below.

When your school offers them, great; otherwise look for alternatives. FindMino suggests online or classroom courses. Find them by browsing the respective job or major on


Biology, Biotechnology, Research Biology, Environment, Human Development, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Naval Science, Meteorology, Geology, Earth Science, Oceanography, Geospatial Science, Integrated Science, Veterinary Science, Environmental Plant Sciences


Landscaping, Biotechnology, Forestry


Public Speaking, Debating, Assertiveness

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