Tech Career Guide

Careers in Tech are generally ‘future-proof’. But new jobs, technologies and approaches are continuously created. Findmino keeps a close eye on what new vacancies are posted by tech-leaders, and we adjust our listings accordingly. We selected some jobs and majors to get you started. And we added simple checks to see how much you fit with careers in tech, and what you can do right now to get ready.

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Please find a selection of jobs in Tech. Find many more by clicking on them. By clicking these jobs you get access to an excellent selection of online career info: Pay & Outlook, Blogs & Interviews, Podcasts & Youtubes, Typical education, School finders & Rankings, and much more.


App Developer

Applied Scientist

Blockchain Engineer

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Front End Developer

Full Stack Developer

Game Designer

Machine Learning Engineer

Microsystems Engineer

Self-Driving Car Engineer

Software Engineer

Solution Architect

VR Designer


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Customer Success Manager

Software Development Manager

Software Engineering Manager


Customer Success Specialist

Fintech Engineer



Business Intelligence Engineer

Database Architect

Data Scientist

Data Warehousing Specialist


Explore majors and studies

Please find a selection of majors in Tech. Find many more by clicking them. By clicking these majors you get access to an excellent selection of online info to bring the majors alive: Blogs & Interviews, Podcasts & Youtubes, School finders & Rankings, and much more. We also added relevant courses (online and classroom) to get a taste of an area of interest, or prepare your studies.


Cloud Computing

Computer Games And Programming

Computer Science

Computer Software And Media Applications

Information Systems Security

Software Engineering


Data Science

Data Modeling And Database Administration



Computer Graphics (CG)



Computer Engineering

Computer Systems Networking And Telecom

Artificial Intelligence

Robotics & Automation Engineering

Do I fit?

With reference to our Swipe Quiz, Tech people are typically Investigative and Organized. In the more creative roles they may also have strong Artistic qualities. Check how well you match these descriptions, or take our SWIPE QUIZ to get a more accurate picture.

Investigative. “You enjoy going into the deep on things. You are thorough. You ask critical questions and think logically and systematically in finding solutions. In your eyes all problems must primarily be solved in an analytical and reasoned way. You avoid ‘just doing’ something. You like being consulted for your knowledge and analytical skills. You enjoy to study things. Intellectual development or scientific inquiry are issues that could be of great importance to you.

Organized. “You love structure and clarity. This provides you an overview of work, and the organizational side of life. You prefer to work according to the rules, stick to some principles, and expect others to do the same. Others may call you meticulous, tidy, tenacious, efficient and structured. You find it important to know where you stand. You don’t leave things to chance. For you to create a checklist is a good thing, and planning is quite natural and desirable for you. You attach great importance to an organized environment.

Artistic: “You love to be creative, and enjoy the artistic side of life. You like to be surrounded by beauty, and would enjoy creating products or services which use your imagination and creative sensibility. You always have new ideas, and an eye for design. You can express yourself in an original way and generally like to draw attention to this. To create new things gives you great satisfaction and energy. Working intuitively, with a lot of variety, diversity and room for self-realization, that’s your thing.”

Actions you can take now to get ready

If you consider to pursue a career in tech, it’s important to take courses or electives early on. Find a selection of relevant courses below.

When your school offers them, great; otherwise look for alternatives. FindMino suggests online or classroom courses. Find them by browsing the respective job or major on


Math, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics & Probability, Advanced Functions and Modeling, Mathematical Analysis


Keyboarding, Computer Information Systems, and Web Technologies,
Programming, Web Development, Game Development, Robotics, IoT, Computer Science, Technology Foundations


Design, Multimedia, Technical Drawing and Design, Engineering Drawing and Design

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