5 things we must do right now.

Getting a bit overwhelmed with all the advice on how to deal with the current situation? We took the 5 key points that jump out.


You have been moving less than you normally do. Movement is important to stay healthy. ➡️ Pick up sports again. This could be as simple as taking daily walks, runs. Online yoga and fitness classes are taken by millions of people at the moment. Consider online meditation classes. Check this CDC site for healthy eating. Fitness centers are reopening now. Take advantage of it.

➡️ Consider to pick up a new interest, develop a new skill. Check our blog “Bit bored? Let’s change that” for some ideas.

Larry in Minneapolis has turned this into a health project, setting weight and conditions targets. Watching healthy eating and sports.


Social distancing is actually the wrong word. Yes, you should restrict meeting people live at the moment, but connecting with friends, family and colleagues is more important than ever. Some people are re-inventing their phones: that’s to make actual phone calls??. But email, chatting and FaceTime could also offer great alternatives. ?‍♀️ Just do it.

Mandy in Palo Alto has set herself a target to -each week- mail people she’s somewhat lost contact with, and arrange a call as a follow up.


The best way to manage disruptions this size is to find a new rhythm and stick to it. ⏰ Get up at an early hour. Have breakfast, lunch and diner at set times. Make a walk to start the day. Plan sports, some (online) social time.

Narrow your exposure to ‘Corona news’ to once a day tops. Find a reliable source that gets you the most needed info and leave it to that.

Nick in Grand Rapids is making a 15 minute walk each morning before starting to work, just to ‘imitate’ getting to work.


Most of us will be badly missing the social interactions we’re used to. Could be tough for many of us. ➡️ Share your sentiment, annoyance, boredom, worries and good things with family and friends. And if it’s getting really tough on you, make use of existing support organizations for advice.

Inez and Ramon in Houston are doing a ‘corona check’ each Saturday morning with their kids, just to discuss how they are dealing with the situation and to explore new things they can do to make it work better.


Job shadow making notes

The Corona virus will be referred to many years ahead of us. People who didn’t experience it will want to know what happened. What were the learnings. How did you cope. How did the 6-feet distance work out. How did society respond. How did politics take it. What was the impact to the health system. What happened to jobs, the economy. Was this indeed the “The Biggest Distance-Learning Experiment In History“?

Make notes of what you experience. Take snap shots of news articles. Record a few events on TV.

Jason in Concord is keeping an online diary (DayOne) and writes down what he’s seeing in the news each day. He adds online screenshots of news articles.”For my grandchildren” he says. Mind you, he’s only 26.

Above all, make notes of what you think we should learn from all this. And – make it memorable in a good way.

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Useful resources

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Health advice for the public by the WHO.

Daily Life and coping advice by the CDC.

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