Dealing with your boss. How to get the best out of it. The Career Guys

It'll be hard to find the perfect boss, and yet, when we start a new role, somehow we always expect to meet them. Your relationship with your boss is quite important. It's the person you are somewhat dependent on. You need them to get things done, decisions made that are beyond your control. And then again, it's just your boss. Dr Jeff and Rogier discuss recent trends and how to deal with 'boss dynamics'. They bring in their experience and backgrounds from higher ed and international business. It includes such things (amongst many others) as 'how to manage the relationship', 'What if you got a great boss versus a bad boss', 'how to overcome any anxiety you might have about senior management' and the intercultural diversity around boss relationships.   — Send in a voice message:
  1. Dealing with your boss. How to get the best out of it.
  2. Wabi-Sabi: a Japanese view on preventing stress and burn out.
  3. Dealing with stress and trauma at work.
  4. How to make your life goals define your career goals.
  5. How to deal with fear of what others think of you
  6. Who you are with, and where you are, matters more than what you will do as a job
  7. Understanding the diversity of cultures. Do you know your CQ?

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