The Most In-Demand Skills to Develop in 2023

2023 is all about skill stack, skill upon skill upon yet another skill. In this ever-changing world, having talent is no longer sufficient. In other words, one-trick ponies are simply passé. The ones who pass on boarding the “skill stack” train face linear, borderline regressive career path. Such a path can only impede one’s life trajectory in the grand scheme of things. The hunger for a multifaceted, omni-accommodating workforce is ever-growing, and young individuals surely don’t have it easy. The competition is ferocious and will stop at nothing. A modern-day gladiator arena? Why, yes, minus the tangible bloodshed. Intelligence over sheer muscle, the battle of vast minds and exquisite potential. Let’s commence. Trending: futureproofing career paths. These are the most in-demand skills to develop in 2023.

Modern-day workforce must-haves

Forget the simple times. Forget the high school-college-job: secured- trajectory. The game is changing. It takes more than our genetically passed-on smarts, admirable educational background, soup kitchen volunteering history, or our undying love for humanity to advance within a company or simply receive a job offer. Employers require substance. But not just any kind. The kind that shapeshifts, the kind that doesn’t shy away from ad libitum morphosis. In physical terms, only “four states of matter” will suffice. The current job market desires individuals whose communication skills are flawless, who cultivate empathy, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, and mindfulness, and who possess grand emotional intelligence. On top of that, hard skills are also in-demand: from software coding to exceptional writing skills. So, where does one begin?

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AI (artificial intelligence) / ML (machine learning)

Or, as Terminator 3 fans would say: The rise of the machines. AI and ML are present in our everyday lives, although they may still be a bit under the radar. The average person is under the impression that artificial intelligence is strictly reserved for tech giants and their closed-to-public research. Yet, we indulge in innovation luxury on a daily basis. We use face ID to unlock our phones, Grammarly helps us draft embarrassment-free emails, we have Alexa to play Nicki Minaj when feeling sassy but multitasking, and Roomba to follow us around and vacuum up the guilty pleasure crumbs. So, yes, AI and ML can be found everywhere and show no signs of slowing down in 2023. (with global spending on AI expected to top $500 billion) Essential skills include:

  • programming languages
  • data analysis
  • predictive analytics
  • domain knowledge

UX Design

There is only one goal: more revenue. (UX) User Experience, along with (UI) User Interface, is considered one of the essential skills in today’s digital market; without the two foundation pillars, companies can very well shut their metaverse blinds and close up shop. So, what makes UX one of the most in-demand skills to develop in 2023? The niche is becoming more and more indispensable. Without it, attracting new clients and keeping the existing ones merry and smiling becomes unattainable. UX designers’ job is to conduct a virtual symphony, or, in other words, ensure the technology is user-friendly and just right. They make functional and aesthetical corrections – from the app’s style to themes, to font size, to favorites function – they make the experience make sense. Makes sense? UX skills include:

  • audience research
  • wireframe designs
  • market conducting
  • user personas creation
  • testing
  • coding is considered a big plus
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Digital marketing

Our time and mental space are possibly the most valuable possessions we can “donate” to someone or something. And so we do. Gladly. Yet, heaps of external stimuli come with a price: our attention span has significantly decreased in the last 15 years, and it only means one thing. Capturing a user’s attention is not as easy as it used to be. And the competition is fierce. All the better, digital marketing is continuing to bloom well into 2023. 

So, what do digital marketers do? The end goal is to reach and engage potential customers using digital technologies and offline and online channels such as content marketing, social media, mobile marketing, content, and SEO (search engine marketing). Furthermore, moving specialists from Transparent International share: “A good percentage of our clients are digital nomads.” In other words, it’s another virtual niche perk.

Other 2023 trending hard skills

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data literacy
  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Product management
  • Sales
  • Cloud computing
  • Blockchain
  • Storyteller/Data communicator

If we explore the list in more detail, we’ll find a common denominator: artificial intelligence takes the crown. It’s safe to say IT (information technology) is the place to be in 2023.

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2023 leitmotif: change. Spirit animal? Antelope. We’ve witnessed some colossal and heavily unanticipated job market fluctuations. Only one thing is certain: certainty is overrated. Unannounced layoffs, the hire bubble comes to a screeching halt, and job vacancies experience rescission. What now? Agility and vigilance. We replace the premise “only the strong survive” with “only the limber succeed”. The 2023 dawn carries a possibility of having to switch job positions or enter new career waters. By adopting flexibility as our new modus operandi, we are keeping stagnation and professional regression at bay. Not today. Instead, if we commit to reinventing ourselves and broadening our horizons, we are sure to ride the waves that come by without grand setbacks.


We have to accept the nature of today’s economic climate: it’s borderline sadistic. A hurtling avalanche, an enraged, sprinting stampede threatens to weed out the weak. It’s a rough world out there. Working on building our resilience in 2023 is mandatory. The competitive professional sphere is no good Samaritan; no one will come to our rescue. It’s down to us and our ability to embrace the impending change, seemingly insurmountable challenges, and the serpentine course of humanity. Taking good care of our mental and emotional health is paramount.

Final thoughts

Out of all the in-demand skills to develop in 2023, learning to say no to fear might be the most relevant. So, given the circumstances, fearing uncertainty is only normal; but will it get us places? Probably not. “You are your worst enemy.” – So, don’t be. Be an ally. And if you want to learn more about maximizing your career potential, visit, the free go-to source for career exploration of the web.