What really matters in your College Search

Our top 5 apps/sites:

Niche. Explore nearly 7,000 college profiles that include cost, admissions requirements, student life, and college reviews from current students and alumni, a tool to view your chances of getting into colleges based on your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and major. And a scholarship Search.

TheCollegeFair.com, In-depth information on nearly 4,000 colleges in the U.S. which can be filtered by over 1,000 majors, 900 careers and other factors relevant to your search. Create a personal profile and let schools know you are interested in them.

MyOptions is a college planning app that matches you to ideal colleges and universities, and helps keep you on track for applying to college.”The nation’s largest free college planning program.”

Bigfuture. Part of the Collegeboard.org offering. Bigfuture’s college search tool is pretty good, helps you find the right college(s). And it adjusts your search to where you are with your thinking about college. Use Findmino to find out what major or career you like, then use Bigfuture to find the right college match.

Admitsee is a paid app, AdmitSee users gain access to real student stories and experiences. AdmitSee offers a comprehensive view of real examples of success on how to craft a winning application without compromising your authenticity.