How can you best use FindMino as a career counselor, guidance counselor or coach?

1. Add as a resource to your website.

You can easily place the link on your website as a resource for the people you support. More and more schools have started doing this. Students or clients can access the career database without sign on and could sign on to take the swipe quiz and receive personalized recommendations.

Check here how we ensure the quality of our database and how it is geared towards careers of the future.

Putting Findmino on your website is for free to you and to the people you support.

2. Use our Swipe-quiz to help people find their talents and interests, and receive career suggestions.

Our swipe quiz could help any person to get a better grip on their talents and interests. The test result could serve as a starting point for further coaching discussions. The result also includes recommended majors and jobs, and might help you and the person you support to start their career planning process. Use of the swipe quiz again is free for you and the people who use it.

The swipe quiz is based on the well known John Holland test (aka RIASEC). We only made it more to the point and attractive, and updated the wording to today’s vocabulary. Our swipe quiz has been extensively tested with students.

3. Use our platform to start a work-based learning initiative for your school, community or organization.

Findmino has a pleasant feature to link students to people with career experience, called Career Connection. This is about students meeting with professionals or alumni in your community and learn from their experience. And the professionals could learn from students about their top of mind trends and interests.

Findmino offers people to meet over (virtual) coffee meets, job shadows or internships. We have been running pilots with an alumni organization at the University of Washington and with a high school at Bainbridge Island, WA.

We charge a fair per-student fee to use the Career Connection platform. Feel free to send us an email and we get back to you right away for details.