Get a grip on your career, find meaning

The world of work is changing fast. Purpose and meaning are becoming prominent factors to choosing your path. The support tools at school are great to get you started, but don’t always help to connect with what you truly care about. That’s the blank we want to fill.

We help you find your purpose, and show the options out there: companies who have made it a priority to be meaningful, vacancies, and alternative paths for people who care, you.

What you’ll find

1. A powerful career database to explore career options in an engaging and inspiring way, with a bias to careers that matter.

2. Online classes, supporting you to get ready for your next stage in life. We offer classes for students as well as for parents of young adults.

3. A platform for alumni-based and community orgs to connect their student- members with their alumni or more experienced members.

What Makes FindMino Different

1. An unbiased view on careers

Your future could unfold into unknown territory. That’s because your interests evolve, and your search for purpose. That’s because you might bump into career ideas you hadn’t thought of before. That’s because the world of work changes day-by-day.

We like to challenge that 4-year college is the only way to go. Let’s look at all alternatives that could get you into fulfilling paths, successful careers. For some that’s college. For some it’s a start up, a coding bootcamp, learning a trade, or taking a gap year to start with. Finding your purpose is what matters most.

2. Careers that matter

FindMino’s career database is biased towards careers of the future, i.e. nascent or trending careers that will be ‘safe bets’ rather than ones that have existed for ages. And particularly, careers with purpose. This is significantly different from existing career support systems available, that are mostly listing standard careers only. 

3. A career exploration platform that inspires

FindMino’s user interface is friendly,  inviting and offers modern, inspiring career ideas and connections to career paths one had never considered before.  People can search, explore on keyword, jump around from brain surgeon to goldsmith by clicking connecting tags, or browse through career guides.

You may also take FindMino’s unique Swipe Quiz©. The quiz offers relevant career ideas based on someone’s unique set of talents, interests and competencies. 

A great selection of online career info

We pull career info from the best career apps and sites out there, like The Muse, CollegeBoard, CareerExplorer, CareerContessa, CareerCruising, Niche, Zippia, StudyPortals, JobShadow, MyMajors,, and

And we add quite a bit of info. FindMino’s career database is unique as it contains curated content to help users “sneak a peek” into various careers and related interests. We do this through ‘day in the life’ youtubes, average pay and job prospects, typical education paths and recommended schools and school finders.

In addition we selected useful career specific blogs and podcasts, career paths to college and alternative paths, and relevant forums and professional organizations.

Check our ‘quality of content‘ to see how we feed the database.

A community platform

Optionally, as a community platform, FindMino connects students with alums/ professionals over virtual coffees, job shadows, internships and more. The purpose of the platform is to create community connection between alums or professionals and current members. As a result, they can share career experiences, networking and dialogue. 

Your privacy matters a lot

We care quite a bit about your privacy. Facebook told us how not to do things. That’s why you can access most of our career database without sign on. When you do sign on, like to get personal recommendations or take a class, we ask minimal personal data from you. We will not share your details with third parties. Check our cookies policy and other policies for details.

We do allow for limited advertising. Right now this is for shown courses only. We may earn commission on courses bought through our site. In addition, regularly offers to write blogs for us, in exchange for which we allow them to refer to their services.

We care

FindMino is a social enterprise, meaning we are a for-profit company aimed at making a social impact, and being a force for good and giving back. This translates, for instance, into free and open access to our career database. In addition, we balance our online coaching and courses between paying customers with customers who have difficulty affording such support.

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