Financial aid for college students

Most colleges and universities in the USA are financial aid eligible. The colleges may have funds themselves you may apply to, or you could benefit any of the federal-, state- or private funding available to you. Read this overview by FederalStudentAid to learn more about Types of Financial Aid for college or career college students.

Financial aid for vocational students

Same here. You best start with checking with the school of choice if any school-fund exists to help finance your studies. And federal-, state- or privately financed funding may be available to you also. Check this blog at CareerSchoolNow to learn more about Financial Aid for Trade schools.

Financial aid for college and other career schools – Key sites to get started gives you all info you need to receive Federal financial support for your studies: college and accredited vocational schools and career colleges are financial aid eligible.

Check to find all, key information on how to finance your studies.

How much will school or college cost you

The US Department of Education created some very good estimate and comparison tools to get a sense of what college will cost you.

  • How much it costs students to attend different colleges.
  • How fast those costs are going up.
  • Why are costs going up.

Check this site, Trade schools, Colleges and Universities, to learn more what trade school would cost you.

Financial planning – useful resources to learn more

In this blog you get an overview of how legislation on student loans has evolved over time. With some useful advise on how to go about student loans.

Our top 4 apps/sites to find scholarships:

We selected the 4 best scholarship apps and sites. Take a look at which one would work best for you.

Start with reading this article at CNBC: $6 billion in college scholarships are awarded each year. Here’s what you need to know about applying.

College Raptor is a college search directory, but their real power comes in the form of their College Scholarship Calculator app. This app allows you to see a colleges true cost when financial aid and scholarships are factored in. You can compare colleges average financial aid packages and get estimates on how much you can expect to get in scholarships based on your GPA and SAT/ACT test scores. 

Scholly contains a searchable directory of scholarships along with a matching feature to find you the perfect scholarship to fit your needs. The app also helps you through the process by tracking your progress and deadlines and offers access to winning scholarship essays that can serve as inspiration. 

ScholarshipOwl has a database of 1.5 million college scholarships worth over $3 billion that their members have access to by creating a free profile. 

CollegeExpress is created by Carnegie Dartlet, an educational publisher. Pretty good site for both College search and Scholarships. It’s for free, works pretty simple, with a refined search tool.

How to spot and avoid scholarship scams

Check this blog on how to avoid scholarships scams. Unfortunately they might occur.