The hundreds of organizations and platforms we like to refer to, or work with, are a nice and rich mix. They are well known, reputable ones you can’t ignore when planning your career. But we also like organizations that take career planning and personal development from a more refreshing angle.

Please find a selection of the ones we like most and the ones we draw from as reputable sources.

Platforms and sites we like most:

Niche offers a rich set of info and tools for anyone exploring school, college or work opportunities.
An excellent place for the next gen workforce to research companies and careers. We closely follow their blogs with latest trends.
Great source for blogs, influencers, and podcasts. Getting you up to date on themes and topics that matter most by field of interest.
We selected many hundreds of good to great youtubes that offer first hand insight into career paths, jobs and studies.
Jobshadow has put together a ton of ‘day in the life’ job overview. We selected the best ones as referrals to our site. is our main source of Podcast listings which we picked per job or major. It offers latest insights into careers and fields of expertise, lending you a voice on trends and relevant debates.
BestColleges helps to find the right school, by proprietary research, user-friendly guides, and hundreds of independent college rankings.
Flatiron School is one of the many coding bootcamp schools, that offer excellent courses and alternatives to 4-year college programs.
One of the many sites we use for college and major rankings, helping you to simplify the major and college that fits you best.
Career Contessa is for and by women and offers excellent career tools, blogs, podcasts and day in the life info.
EdX selects free of low cost online courses across the web with all kimd of providers. A great resource to get you an online course to ‘taste’ a career of interest.
BestValueSchools offers evidence-based rankings to compare thousands of schools, degrees, and programs around the USA
CollegeFactual offers college rankings for all kind of student-categories. They strive to offer objective, data based rankings.

Reliable platforms and sites to lean on:

We refer to Collegeboard and BIgfuture a lot as a great resource for people to wanting to explore options to get into college.
Place to go for online courses in any fields of interest. We offer a large selection of links. Please note that we do receive commission on qualifying purchases. has a rich overview of career paths, education requirements, job and education insights. We often refer to them for job or major info.
We draw a lot of up to date pay and job prospect data from the sites of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are updated when BLS updates them on their site.
Learn. org offers similar data as, with good insights into careers and studies. We handpicked career info that we liked. offers very useful career path info on jobv. Somewhat factual in design, the information is practical and useful. You’ll find referrals in Findmino on selected places. takes care to create thoughtful, balanced school rankings that account for more than just prestige or name recognition.