Having this idea you believe could turn into a successful start-up? Not sure how to go about it? Or maybe consider to join a start up? We collected a number of useful sites and resources for you, which talks about strategies, tactics and the steps to tae for a start-up.

These sites give great overviews. GOOD PLACES TO GET STARTED.

More, useful resources

Steve Blank: The Class That Changed How Entrepreneurship Is Taught. Read this blog with Steve Blank, one of the Lean start up entrepreneurs. Useful advice when you consider going there.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Starting Your Own Business. A blog by Paul Tracy at Investing Answers.

+200 interviews with the brains behind failed and successful startups. Learn from their wins and their mistakes and become a better founder, at Failory.com.

Best Crowdfunding for Startups 2021: How to Fund Your Small Business, at Business.org.

Top 60 Startup Podcasts, selected by Feedspot.com.

Check this video to learn how to use the LeanCanvas. a golden oldie.
A summary of the Lean Start up, by Eric Ries.