Work-Based Learning Works

Students approaching high-school graduation and undergrad college students are asked to make important decisions that may define the rest of their lives. We want these decisions to be as well-informed, inspired, and field-tested as possible.  

The Career Exploration Initiative (CEI) works with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agency employers across Kitsap County to provide high school students and undergraduate college students work-based learning through different programs.

Due to Covid realities we will launch the CEI initiative in the format of online “Coffee and Career” meetings.

Coffee and Career meetings are connecting experienced professionals and organizations with high school and undergrad students. The purpose is for students to learn about careers they might consider. The meetings are informal in nature, but offer outstanding opportunities to learn about the realities of certain careers.

Later on we plan to extend the CEI initiative with Career In Programs (aka Job Shadows) and Internships.

The Rotary club of Bainbridge Island and Bainbridge Youth Services are teaming up with, a Bainbridge based online start up that aims to drastically improve the way young people choose careers. They offer a pleasant way to get a self assessment of your skills, interests and the things you’re good at. And they offer an intuitive platform to browse careers, watch YouTubes, podcasts, and other relevant career information.

Click here to join the initiative, find instructions to sign on, or prepare for meeting employers or professionals.

Check this YouTube (3 min) on how to sign on to the CEI at Findmino, and learn more about it.

Call us at 206-842-9675 if you want to know more.

Or mail Findmino at [email protected].