Covid, work and the things that mattered. Actioning the positives.

(Updated February 2, 2023)

The pandemic made it hard to talk about other things, and speak to optimism and positive things when many people were sick and even passing away. And with this, of course, was the concern by many about the impact to the economy, jobs, schooling and how to rebuild. But in any crisis there would be positives also. Actioning the positives.

What type of work of the future will there be and how will it be different as a result of this pandemic. McKinsey offered a good updated overview of how the pandemic developed and what the possible business scenario’s look like, here.

Over 12 million people were jobless at the most heated time, establishing an unemployment rate of about 8%. At its peak the number was as high as 16 million. For reference, please find the stats for 2022 and now here, at Formrush.

The pandemic impacted everyone, where ever they were. And yet, maybe due to the sheer size and scope of the situation, or due to life disruption of vast populations of people, within this destruction, that there came moments for creativity, positivity and rebirth of some sorts. Humanity was called to reinvent itself with a new way of looking at the world, one which took the lessons of this pandemic for future planning at every level of life.

Work life balance

The risk of falling sick or worse, or possibly even loosing your job weighed in to the equation. But also, companies significantly increased arrangements to work from home. As a consequence, commuting was reduced to a minimum. Rush to reach the train, traffic jam worries, they were gone for many. It could easily add a couple of hours to your day. There was more time to have breakfast, diner. You could put time into cooking. We have seen a run on DIY stores, and people working those home improvements lists that had been overdue for so long.

Consider the importance of art and creative development. It was a great moment to pick up some online music lessons, or art classes.

These are things that may have shifted that balance, that tended to bias to ‘work’. Actioning the positives.

Corona, work and the things that matter. Let's action the positives.
Working from home offers time for reflection.


Many of us had been put in a situation where contacts with colleagues were reduced to a minimum. Your work place had become the kitchen table, or your home office. There were hardly any ‘little disruptions’ anymore. A colleague stopping by for a chat, impromptu meetings. It was replaced by your partner, kid or the cat asking for attention. More quiet moments did arise. Moments to reflect on your job, career, life.

There was time to make your mind up and think of new possibilities and ways to reinvent oneself. Happy where you are? Feel appreciated? Time to move on? Talk with your friends, parents, grandparents and wise guides interested in making positive social change.

The long term

Yep. That thing you never got time for. The time you cut back in commuting, the more quiet work environment could call for some longer term thinking. What is it again you’re trying to accomplish in this job, this year, the next 5 years? Consider doing some personal visioning and journaling with a six-month, 1 year and 5 year scenario plan. This MIT checklist to set an effective career plan could help.

Your colleagues

Your friends and colleagues most likely were in similar situations as you were. Having a bit more space in life might call for that extra attention you’d always wanted to pay to your colleague(s), your team, and your teachers and classmates. Like setting up one on ones, and prepare those calls well. Check in with them how they were coping. Talk about the things you appreciate about them, and how you could improve things going forward. Find a quick guide on giving feedback here.

Your family

Coming home late, business trips were put in the fridge. You had more time to have breakfast, lunch, diner with your partner, your family. There suddenly was ample opportunity to deepen the relationship with them. And that could be small things, like help with home work or struggles at work, worries about Corona. Quick guides liker this quick guide on helping others were developed, like your family, cope with anxiety and stress as a consequence of the coronavirus. Nice ways to action the positives.

Your community

Being confined to your house, or neighbourhood at best, could make you appreciate that neighbourhood much better. Greeting your neighbours, albeit from a distance, could create some bonding you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

The community was reinvented.

Local businesses got much more attention. They tend to be key in making the community thrive. Did you know that about 45 percent of every dollar of revenue spent at a locally-owned business stays in the local community? Check this wonderful blog at Groom & Style and you’ll start changing your shopping habits.

Your health

Your health is easiest served with sports and good food, apart from that mental balance as discussed earlier. It became a challenge to go visit your sports club, so you needed to find sufficient movement in different ways. Like running, biking or walking. Start a home fitness routine. Online yoga and YouTube work outs. Go walk the dog, even if you don’t have one. Build a daily or bi-weekly routine to make sure you move.

People needed to have healthy food. Go check on your eating habits and find opportunities to improve. Check this help guide for healthy eating for inspiration.

Make this time become a health project for you. Let's action the positives.

Making this time become a health project for you.

Why not take the chance to work on your health, by building a program that combines healthy food and good movement.

Turn it into a positive

These were awkward times. We were surrounded by uncertainties. It was unclear how this would all work out, and when we would be back to ‘normal’. What’ll be the impact on your job? How will the economy develop?

We had a choice. We could continue the busy jobs and fill the extra time with more work. We could also take the criticality of the situation as an argument to push our work life balance the right way, at least during that crazy period.

Want to know more?

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Check our other blogs regarding the Covid-19 crisis here, like ‘Bit bored? Let’s change that!‘ which offers a simple tool to find your favorite pastime.

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