Top 10 Countries for Remote Workers

The world is going through a remote work revolution. At the same time, many remote workers have considered changing their environment to something more interesting than their kitchens, bedrooms, and home offices. After all, a luxurious beach home on a paradisian island can have plenty of Wi-Fi for whoever needs it. So, where should you go if you landed the perfect remote job and decided to relocate from your cozy hometown to a new, exciting city? Where should you travel in the world? To help you out, we made a list of the top 10 countries for remote workers. Check it out to find your new work location.

1. Portugal

Portugal’s vibrant culture may seem alluring to those who are now enduring the dreary mud and icy winter winds. The nation’s political stability, great weather, and the high proportion of English-speaking locals account for the nation’s position among the best countries for remote workers. If Portugal was among your options when considering where to work from, your instincts are not mistaking you. Portugal provides a digital nomad visa for remote workers who wish to travel the world while keeping their source of income. Therefore, we can easily state that Portugal understands why now is a great time to work remotely and has done everything to attract as many digital nomads as possible.

2. Indonesia

Digital nomad visas are now available in Indonesia, particularly in Bali, providing another reason for remote workers to travel or relocate. In addition, Bali has long been one of the most popular travel destinations for people worldwide. People want to see its beautiful beaches, taste its delightful cuisine, and admire the breathtaking vistas. Living there and experiencing the local culture will only enhance the memories.

3. Germany

Germany is a fantastic alternative if you’re hoping to reside in Europe, especially if you are a digital nomad. The nation boasts a tremendous network, one of the most outstanding work-life balances, and fantastic bars and hangout spots. The nation’s diverse cultural heritage makes it a wonderful place to visit and live.

However, Germany has a comparatively high cost of living compared to other nations in our top. Therefore, if you want to move for a job to Germany or anywhere else in the world, you need to have all the information before you relocate there. Research the cost of living, the entry and working requirements, and the culture. That way, you can ensure you will have a great experience as a digital nomad.

4. Serbia

Serbia is a little out of the ordinary on our list, but it gets good marks. Furthermore, this beautiful country is a myth-breaking leader. For instance, you don’t need a high academic background to find a more than decent job. In addition, Serbia is a superb illustration of affordable, comfortable European living. Not to mention that locals are wonderfully welcoming, and the cuisine is just outstanding. And there isn’t much space for additional persuasion now that digital nomads are eligible for free visas, right?

5. Canada

Canada, one of the world’s wealthiest and most prosperous nations, offers various career opportunities and entertaining coworking spaces. In its big cities, you can find temporary offices and unofficial cafés. Unfortunately, Canada currently does not provide any visas for digital nomads. However, open work permits, the working vacation program, and entrepreneurial visas make living and working online in Canada feasible. Furthermore, the community of digital nomads is flourishing, especially in Toronto and Montreal. For that reason, there are many opportunities to train in tech sales or other digital jobs for which you don’t need prior experience. Boot camps are highly popular and can help you develop your career.

If you find a great job opportunity in Toronto but live far away, don’t hesitate to ask a moving team for help. Professional long distance movers can make it easy to settle down in Toronto, letting you focus on your career and job prospects.


6. Denmark

Due to its proactive strategy, best demonstrated by the Danish Ministry of Defence’s 10-year-old Center for Cyber Security, Denmark frequently ranks highly for cybersecurity. The government’s goals for the country’s digital transformation have advanced thanks mainly to the Agency for Digitization. Moreover, Denmark currently has one of the fastest networks in Europe, making it one of the best countries for remote workers.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, tropical setting, and fantastic beaches. Additionally, the government provides visas for digital nomads. Furthermore,  its tax-free income for remote employees places it among the top nations for working remotely. Can it get any better than this?

8. Romania as one of the top countries for remote workers

Romania is a fantastic location for living and working remotely, although the idea of it could conjure up images of vampires skulking around castles. Of course, if you are interested in castles, you may spend your free time exploring several of them here. However, Romania could be a better option for those who want to relocate for remote work and lead a traditional life in a small town. A cheap cost of living, access to high-quality internet, and affordable long-term apartment leases are added points for Romania.

9. Thailand

Thailand is a nation that is developing its economy and technologies quickly. Therefore, it makes sense that remote employment options are growing in popularity there. Thailand is a great destination to live and work as a nomad because of its inexpensive cost of living compared to other nations. You can be sure to find the ideal remote job here because so many businesses in a wide range of sectors provide them.

10. Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for tourists, primarily because of its cuisine. Additionally, the nation itself is a tourist favorite. But, as Mexico is one of the best countries in the world for remote workers, you may also live there and work there. However, in addition to the local food and beaches, you may immerse yourself in the area’s culture, travel, and live the good life. After all, isn’t that what being a digital nomad is all about?

Final words

For anyone looking for adventure, deciding where to work is the next step after choosing remote working. Hopefully, this post gave you a few ideas. So, it shouldn’t take long for you to start making money online and abroad if you keep our list of top countries for remote workers. Want to learn more about the jobs mentioned, view some day in the life video’s, get more insights into the jobs and the requirements to get there? Just visit, the free go-to resource for career exploration of the web.