Young Gen Z has skills and knowledge we can only be jealous of

Generation Z has arisen as a population that is more deserving of attention, especially as its senior members approach young adulthood. The bulk of this generation was born after 1996, and while they share numerous characteristics with Millennials, a drastically different environment has influenced their formative years. As a result, there are some crucial differences in attitudes, tendencies, and general outlook of the world. In fact, young Gen Z has skills and knowledge we can only be jealous of. In this article, we’re going to focus on those differences and qualities that make up this generation. So, let’s go!

Young Gen Z is hugely accepting

One of the critical characteristics of Generation Z is that they are less shaken up by racial, sexual orientation, or religious differences than previous generations.

Millennials welcomed the legalization of same-sex marriage, and older generations’ attitudes gradually shifted in favor. Generation Z is more likely to be startled that it isn’t legal yet in so many regions.

Tolerance for diversity has always been generation Z’s default viewpoint. They believe that being socially liberal is a given and are often shocked that anybody could think otherwise. This is partly because Gen Z is a very diverse demographic. They are the generation whose parents traveled around the world and met many different people. As a result, they are more likely to be of a mixed-race and have multiple nationalities than their ancestors.

All in all, young Gen Z has skills and knowledge we should all be looking up to. The lines between gender roles, races, and practically anything else that separated people in various groups are blurred with this generation. They accept everyone for who they are.

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They are digital natives 

One of the well-known skills of Gen Z that sets them apart from every previous generation is their native usage of technology. While Millennials are “digital pioneers” who witnessed the boom of technology, Gen Z was born into the sole peak of the technological era. The information was instantly accessible, and social media was, and still is, their playground. In other words, the electronics and gadgets that were luxury to their parents and even older siblings are a pure necessity to Gen Z. It is something they grew up with.

Every preceding generation witnessed a shift from analog to digital. Take music, for example. The average Millennial may recall recording songs from the radio, then making CDs, then Bluetooth-ing audio from one phone to another. On the other hand, Gen Z has always consumed and shared music digitally. The same may be said for many things, from maps to party invites. Gen Z is the first generation for which the remarkable technological developments of the 20th century have become second nature.

Financial mindfulness is their strong suit 

Yes, young Gen Z has skills and knowledge we can only be jealous of, and one of them is financial mindfulness. Unfortunately, many Gen Z-ers grew up seeing their parents suffer major financial setbacks. However, they have learned something from it. As a result, this generation is pragmatical and determined to achieve financial security fast.

That’s why this generation doesn’t have problems with changing a few jobs in one year or even doing two jobs simultaneously. In addition, relocation for work is always in the cards for them if it allows them to grow. Even the professional moving crew from told us they deal with many office relocations, residential and commercial.

While their parents were encouraged to follow their dreams no matter how profitable they were, Gen Z is more realistic. They dream big but in a different direction – they want to be entrepreneurs and not depend on anyone but themselves.

With all of the internet’s tools at their disposal, they understand that managing your own business may be pretty tricky. However, they are ready for it since they see it as a path to the financial stability they value and prioritize. And their objectives are ambitious but not unachievable.

They are conscious of their mental health

Mental health challenges are a sad trait of Gen Z. That’s why this generation is famous for being the “loneliest generation.” The endless hours spent online fostered feelings of isolation and depression in this generation. Furthermore, many young people fall prey to the “compare and despair” temptation that social media offers.

Additionally, the turbulent condition of the world affects Gen Z youngsters’ mental health as well. As political activism among Gen Z has grown, many have internalized the discontent surrounding problems such as gun control, police brutality, and climate change. Unfortunately, as a result, Gen Z has higher stress levels.

As bad as this sounds, there is a silver lining. Gen Z is the first generation that values and prioritizes mental health. With all the stress in the world being on their shoulders, they realized there is nothing more important than taking care of yourself first. As a result, they value therapy and don’t think of it as taboo or something embarrassing. Therapy is natural to them, just like the internet.

This generation is more open about their emotions and feels obliged to talk about their problems and not hide them. That’s why it’s much easier to reason with them and discuss every issue.

For example, if you’re about to move and see your kid struggling with the whole process, you can talk openly about it with them. You can sit them down, talk about this in advance, and explain the situation. This is the best way to help your kids cope with moving stress, and you’ll be surprised how accepting they can be once you talk to them and acknowledge their feeling.

Gen Z thinks before they buy 

To make educated purchasing decisions, Gen Z youth may rely on their tech expertise and extensive social networks. Their pragmatism drives people to investigate and evaluate various possibilities before deciding on a product.

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Similar to how Gen Z-ers use social media to design their personal brand, they view their consumer choices as an expression of their principles and identity. For example, they value eco-friendly products and brands and will happily pay more money for them. In addition, they appreciate personalized products and businesses that share their political viewpoints attract them.


As you can see, young Gen Z has skills and knowledge we can only be jealous of. They are more accepting, career-driven, emotionally available, and conscious about our planet. This fantastic generation has a progressive outlook on the world and values equality and high but achievable ambitions. Gen Z is changing the world for the better, and we should all follow in their footsteps. If you want to learn more about the career opportunities Gen Z finds attractive, view some day in the life videos and get some inspiration. Visit, the free go-to resource for career exploration.

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