High schoolers and Gen Z have a unique and different view on their futures. This is what you need to know as a parent.

With Millennials all grown up and out of the spotlight, it’s Gen Z’s time to shine and undergo scrutiny. While this was probably said for each generation, it’s a fact that today’s young adults are in no way similar to anything we have experienced so far in terms of mindsets, social and political views, and attitudes. Although it would be unfair to group more than 2 billion people under the same roof, it’s evident that high schoolers and Gen Z have a unique and different view on their futures compared to their predecessors. In this article, we’ll attempt to decipher what this really means and what you need to know as a parent.

Who is Generation Z?

We’ve all heard of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. But what do we know about Generation Z? Aside from the fact that time is not slowing down, Generation Z is here to teach us a few more things. Before we dive deeper into what this peer group is all about, it’s essential to first understand who they are.

Generation Z encompasses young adults born between 1997 and 2012. This means they are currently between 10 and 25 years old. Considering how they are the most populous generation thus far, coming up with a set of characteristics that defines them would be tricky. However, certain patterns in beliefs, perspectives, and behavior are evident. As parents of the age group that is currently marching through their most delicate years, here’s what we need to know to set them up for success.

Gen Z wants more diversity in all spheres

Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet. Experts predict that this will be one of the last predominantly white generations, as well. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why the young people of today want the world to resemble them. After all, if not even your immediate environment is uniform, why should anything else be?

This shift in attitude towards diversification will be most noticeable in the workplace. Yes, some significant changes are already in motion. But when Gen Z fully matures, we can expect to see an even greater acceptance of not only genders but also races, social backgrounds, and orientations. Despite older people typically being defensive towards trends, this is one we, as parents, will undoubtedly need to accept. If we want to prepare our youngsters for their future, that is.

Today’s young adults see identity as fluid

If you mentioned gender fluidity 20 years ago, most people would stare at you blankly, unsure of what you mean. However, this is one of the most debate-inspiring issues today, which Gen Z is mostly responsible for along with Millennials.

Namely, most young adults think that societal norms and traditions have unjustly and unnecessarily restricted gender and identity. A big chunk of them believes that we need to explore an entire spectrum of possibilities to discover who we really are. The boy and girl colors have long been banished. But male and female jobs, positions, and even family roles are not too far behind either.

While it might be hard to hear your child express issues with their identity, it’s advisable to support them through this period of discovery. Forcing your beliefs upon young adults, especially during their formative years, can only lead to a bigger gap in communication and understanding.

Mental health is no longer taboo

Mental health is another topic that the current generation of young adults refuses to neglect. This means that it’s far less likely for today’s students to keep quiet about their school-related anxiety and overall wellbeing. Young people are starting to acknowledge their issues, and therapy is no longer reserved only for “crazy people”.

However, this also implies that Gen Z is much more educated and aware of the importance of mental health. As a result, their parents have to work harder to avoid being called out on their mistakes and outdated approaches!

Generation Z craves high-quality education

Most parents would be happy to hear that their children value education. For Gen Z’s parents, this is a reality. This generation is slowly becoming the most educated yet! The statistics vary depending on several factors. Nonetheless, greater motivation, perseverance, and desire for higher education are undeniably present.

If you have children in high school, this means that you will soon need to find ways to get everything ready in no time when it comes to packing for college. In young adults’ minds, high-quality education is one of the best paths toward financial security and freedom. And this is one of the most noticeable indicators that high schoolers and Gen Z have a unique and different view on their futures.

They are digital natives

We all love to reflect on the no-technology era. When landline phones, radios, and TVs were the only gadgets we could rely on. Generation Z, however, doesn’t really relate to that. They were and are growing up surrounded by all kinds of innovations. This makes them much more tech-savvy than the rest of us. Since even school has transferred into the virtual realm, it’s clear that technology will become one of the most influential factors of this generation’s future.

They are ready to fight for a better world

Every generation has brought with it some drastic changes. But it seems as though Generation Z is ready to fight for what they believe in more than anyone before. Today’s young adults are well-aware of the issues surrounding us, and they are eager to do something about them. Be it the environment, social justice, politics, or anything else, this generation certainly won’t be leaving things to chance. In the currently grim atmosphere, this is undeniably something we should all be excited and supportive about. If you want to learn more about how and why high schoolers and Gen Z have a unique and different view on their futures, feel free to visit Findmino.com – a free source of information and insight into the world of young adults.